Mission & Vision

Produce and commercialize fresh and processed Hass avocado, which is cultivated and harvested under strict levels of quality and innocuousness, based on the most rigorous international regulations and standards. We are directed to a sustainable development in each of the factors that take part in our productive process.

To be the fresh and processed Hass avocado producing and exporting company leader in the national market. With an international recognition of our quality standards, fulfillment and responsibility, responding in an effectively and efficiently way to the internal and external market necessities, maintaining our social responsibility policy.


• To Produce Hass avocado with a high quality level and innocuousness, guided by international standards.
• To commercialize the product, satisfying the necessities and requests in each market.
• To collaborate with a preservation of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources inside the company.
• To contribute to the social and economic development of our collaborators, clients and partners.